Stratman Imagery stemmed from a love of creating and making people feel beautiful and loved. Even still, it is my motive at the core of every session. What started with friends, missions trips, and foreign street and lifestyle photography, has now blossomed into this very business. It all began with authentic storytelling and it will always end as such. 

The dawn of it all

More About Stratman Imagery

When I thought I wanted to pursue a degree in graphic design and attend school in NYC or "anywhere but here", I instead found myself with a camera strapped around my neck and friends willing to pay for my time. The Lord's plans were greater than my own. I quickly fell in love with portraiture and then with couples and their love stories. I fell head over heels for the mountains I lived among and felt like there was something beautiful to be discovered around every corner. I no longer yearned for "anywhere but here", but rather the very Earth where my roots were deep. That is my beginning.

Dreamer. Wanderer. Adventurer.

I'm Lauren

Moments pass, memories become fuzzy and the day will come when you're old and gray and maybe the only thing you remember best is your love's name.

The one thing that matters most - Your Person. 

It's more than pretty pictures. It's the reminder of the chill of the air, the way the sun shone through the trees. It's remembering the whisper your grandmother gave you before you walked down the aisle and that your best friend cried in joy, by your side.

Why photos should matter to you, too.


Morning coffee on the porch and movie dates with my husband - Twizzlers for me and a large popcorn to share.

Taking spontaneous trips to NYC to discover new corners of the city, drink morning coffee in central park, and shoot film.

Exploring new trails and finding beautiful locations for my couples to elope.

Dewy mornings spent working in my garden, listening to praise and worship.

Sunday afternoons driving around and spending time with family, playing board games and cards.

Traveling absolutely everywhere - sightseeing, hiking, and finding all the yummy  food and coffee.

In My free time...

what to expect


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