Editorial Studio Session

There are times in life as a photographer when we get so caught up in running here and there, working our butts off, and creating for others that we forget to do something VITAL for ourselves… creating just to create. When you don’t water a garden, nothing grows. The same is true for our mind, soul, and our general well-being. Lately, I haven’t been watering my garden. I haven’t been photographing anything for the sake of using my right brain and getting my creative juices flowing. With that comes lack of inspiration and a feeling of general staleness. It took too long to catch on that my brain had signaled that something felt “off” for a long time.. When it finally clicked, I knew I had to do something about it asap. Letting your creativity dry up like that can feel devastating, because typically it leads to thoughts of industry comparison and “I’m not good enough”. But we know THAT’S NOT THE CASE. We are all worthy and good enough. I immediately brainstormed some ideas that would lead to inspiration and excitement about shooting again… I’d be lying if I said it didn’t work 😝

Getting creative in the studio was just what my soul needed.

Studio: The Mill Studio

Outfit: Asos

Models: Cathy Bermudez (a crazy talented makeup artist) and BF Fernando

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