Your Guide to the Perfect Engagement Session

This is your step-by-step guide to the perfect engagement session! Engagement photos can feel a little daunting. Especially if you’ve never had professional photos done or if this is your first time having them done as a couple! You may feel like you’re too awkward for a photoshoot, aren’t photogenic, or simply don’t know what to wear. There are lots of lies that our brains like to tell us when we try something new. It’s our bodies way of protecting ourselves – and it’s natural!

No need to fret though. We are going to kick those lies to the curb and get you ready to kick some butt at your engagement shoot.

Wondering where to start??


First of all – it may be a good idea to GET ENGAGED!! YAY!! This is the fun part 😝 Not much to say here other than the obvious!

STEP TWO: Reach out to and hire a photographer you TRUST.

Trust goes a long way in business (and friend) relationships and it’s safe to say that the more you trust your photographer, the more comfortable you will be during your session. When looking for the right photographer for you and your boo, you may be wondering what questions you should be asking and what to look for.. here are a few suggestions!

  1. How do their photos make me feel when I look at them? Are they full of life and energy and playfulness? Or are they more simple, nostalgic, and romantic? Do they make you feel deep emotions or are they boring to look at?
  2. Do I like their editing style? Every photographer has their own unique style. Some are light and bright, others are true to color, some very neutral toned or dark.. the list goes on. Look for a style that feels appealing to your eyes and trust your own opinion in this matter, as everyone has their own!
  3. Do I like their shooting style? Do you want someone who is very pose oriented and is always after the perfect shot? Or do you prefer someone with a playful approach who you can loosen up around? Would you rather have a photographer who shoots with a storytelling and documentary style? Again, all of this is personal preference as there is no right or wrong!
  4. Would we get along and have fun together? I personally feel that this one is a top priority as you will be spending a lot of time and money on this person! There is someone out there for you who can not only hit everything on your wish list, but is also someone you can have a good time with!

STEP THREE: Decide on the vision for your engagement session!

This is where you get to set the tone for your shoot. What types of things do you and your partner enjoy doing together? Do you enjoy heading to the mountains for a sunset picnic? Maybe you’d like going into the city and walking around your favorite park. Orrrr let’s say it’s summer and you want to head to a waterfall and take a plunge at the end of your session! Studio sessions like the one below are a personal favorite to get out of the heat. You can get as fun and original with it as you want. After all, this photoshoot is meant to reflect YOU TWO. No one else. Make a Pinterest Board to help you brainstorm!

STEP FOUR: Choose what to wear!

It might seem like it only makes sense that you should wear a dress or nice clothes for your engagement photos…. right? Wrong. OF COURSE if that’s the vibe you’re going for then do it!! Especially if you’ll be in a city or want more formal photos. But what do you wear if you’re leaning towards a more casual session?

  1. BE COMFORTABLE. If you are uncomfortable, it will show in your photos, trust me. Dressing in clothing that fits well, is breathable (esp in the hotter months), and isn’t stiff is a game changer.
  2. FEEL CONFIDENT. Wear something that you feel like an absolute KNOCKOUT in. We always hear that confidence goes a long way, but it truly does. When you dress to feel confident and beautiful, you will absolutely rock your shoot. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a frilly pink dress. What it means is that if all black and ripped jeans are your daily vibe and that’s what makes you feel good… WEAR IT.
  3. ALLOW MOVEMENT. I personally incorporate a lot of movement into my sessions. I do this to make my couples feel comfortable and have fun, but also to loosen them up. If you wear tight and stiff clothing, it’s difficult to see the movement as much in photos. However, if you wear something flowy or loose, that fabric will move with your body and the wind and will show beautifully in photos.
  4. COLORS AND PATTERNS. Wear what feels true to your personality! I do believe that less is more and when patterns are all over the place, they can feel distracting and actually pull the viewers attention away from you and to your clothing.

STEP FIVE: Make a playlist!

Music truly makes everything better! Having a playlist with your favorite songs on it can put you at ease as you start your session, loosen you up with some dancing, and overall just set the tone for the next hour! Get a variety in there and make it fun!

STEP SIX: Date night!

It’s time to show up to your session! View this night as a treat or a fun date night with your partner! It’s your turn to relax and love on your person and let your photographer (hey, that’s me!) do the rest. My job is to make you comfortable, throw that awkwardness out the door for you, and make all the magic out of what you bring to the table – which is a whole lotta love and light.

Did this Step-by-step Guide to the perfect engagement session help you? Let’s get yours on the books and make this a reality for you!

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