Editorial Studio Bridal Session

It’s been a couple of years since I bought this vintage wedding gown at a Salvation Army for a mere $40. When I saw it in the window, I was immediately inspired to use it for an editorial studio bridal session and had such a clear vision in my head for the shoot. I wanted blue everything…which is a little odd because blue isn’t usually my color of choice! It’s the only way I saw this photo concept in my head though!

When it finally came down to putting it together, I first reached out to my friend Savanna, owner of Oopsie Daisy Florals! She totally had full freedom to create what she thought would be best – I just wanted it to be blue! She used Delphinium for two massive floral meadows. I was (and still am) obsessed!! Her design fit soooo well with the vision I had and really brought these photos to life!

I ordered a new backdrop from my favorite seamless paper company, Savage Universal , in the color Ultramarine. I absolutely fell in loveeee with this color and now It just seems too precious to use it often!

My girl Mariah of Joy Coordinating was our stunning model and a hand in planning this shoot! She collaborated with Wild Mane Artistry to really ensure that all the beauty needs were met. She beyond exceeded them!

This was my second time doing an editorial studio bridal session and I love how it poses as a fun challenge. Shooting in a small space can be daunting if you’ve never done it before. Ultimately though, it pushes you creatively to try new things!

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