NYC In-Home Couples Session

Hey there, New York City lovers! So, picture this: a chilly morning in October, sunlight streaming through the windows, and two lovebirds sipping on their fave coffee. Yep, that’s the vibe of the couples session I recently shot in the heart of NYC. This NYC in-home couples session is TRULY what my dreams are made of.

The apartment was all about that easy-breezy morning light – you know, the kind that makes everything look Instagram-worthy without even trying. No fancy setups, just the natural glow that turned their space into the perfect backdrop for a NYC in-home couples session.

But let’s talk coffee – because what’s a cozy morning without it? The aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, creating this comfy atmosphere that made the whole session feel like a lazy Sunday morning hangout.

Being a NYC photographer is exactly as magical as it sounds…

As a couples photographer, I was just there to capture the real stuff. They shared laughs, quiet moments, and, of course, a few sweet snuggles by the window. It was like freezing those everyday, genuine bits of their relationship, right there in their own little NYC love nest.

The city outside? Well, it kind of took a backseat for a little while, but not forever. We ambled out onto the fire escape to soak in some warm sunshine, look down on the surrounding streets, and take in the sounds of the city. Even then, It felt as if it was just these two in the big city.

If you’re thinking about booking a couples session in New York City, just remember how many options you have! Of course Central Park, Brooklyn pizzerias, and SoHo streets are beautiful. However, sometimes all you need are the sweet moments at home in your apartment with the person you love!

Because, trust me, the magic happens when you keep it simple – just like a cozy morning, a cup of coffee, and the promise of a new day in NYC.

Have you checked out my blog on how to elope in NYC? You can check it out here! No travel fees apply to photoshoots or weddings in NYC.

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